History Lesson 20 (2nd topic)

Clovis was the grandson of Merovich. Merovich was the first king of the Merovingians. Clovis became king of the Merovingians at the age of 15, in 481 A.D.He was a very capable military and political leader, despite his young age. In 486, he battled with the Romans, who owned Gaul. Because Clovis was very young , the Roman general did not take the battle seriously. It ended with Clovis’s victory and control over Gaul. Clovis ended up marrying the niece of the king of Burgundy, strengthening his kingdom. His wife was a Christian and tried to convince Clovis into converting to Christianity. Clovis refused and remained a pagan until the year 496. Clovis was in battle and close loss. Before everything ended, Clovis¬† frantically prayed to God. He was then able to conquer the enemy and find victory. The new Christian king, continued in his conquers and defeats. He became king of all Franks until his death in 511.

English Lesson 165

When the first cat was made, it was a nice gentle creature with soft paws, wide eyes with round pupils, and fluffy fur. Unfortunately, the kitten was bullied because she had no defensive form. everyday she was pushed, hit, and made fun of. This went on for months and months and during this time she prayed everyday for someone to help her stand up for herself or make the bullies stop. One day, the kitten was hiding by a creek from the bullies, when a voice rose. It said ,” Child I have heard of your suffering and have come to help you.” The kitten turned around but saw no one. Then she felt herself change. She looked in the water … and almost jumped back in fright! There, in her reflection stood a slit-eyed cat with sharp teeth and long pointy nails! She ran from her hiding place and, unusually, she was faster. She ran toward the bullies. When the bullies looked at her they yelled in fright and ran away, tails between their legs. So that’s exactly how cats are today. ūüôā

Lesson 155 English

The Story of the Treasure Seekers is about six children who go on multiple adventures to try to get money due to their family’s financial problems. Since I have read better books, this story was okay. The only thing I liked was that each chapter was from a different point of view from different people. This story was written by E. Nesbit. I liked other books from E. Nesbit, so I expected a more… interesting book.From one to ten, I would rate this book as six, because it wasn’t as interesting as I thought.

History Lesson 20

It was Geoffrey of Monmouth who shared the story of King Arthur giving us deep information about King Arthur. These facts may seem true but no one is sure of King Arthur’s reality. Based on Geoffrey, King Arthur was a legendary British leader of the late fifth and early sixth century.He is known for his fight in The Battle of Badon Hill against the Anglo-Saxons by killing 960 men single-handed. They fought 12 major battles total. Some people believe that Arthur was not a man but a god because he and his companions had super-human strengths against giants and other mythological creatures. In the early Welsh poem “Preiddeu Annwfn”, Arthur visits the Celtic underworld¬† and his adventures were similar to those of the cauldron-seeking god, Bran the Blessed. There is another myth that King Arthur was immortal due to the belief that King Arthur now sleeps in a cave waiting to return to his people. His name is also “bear” translated from the Celtic word, so some believe¬† that he was half man, half bear, There is no evidence for these myths but King Arthur sure has an interesting history. Don’t you agree?

English Lesson 95

Come to Paws & Protection where everything you need for your house pet is available! All sorts of accessories for your dog or puppy would always come in handy! A leash? A collar? A bed? You can even get your dog’s collar along with its tag! Maybe you need to accompany your cat with toys? No problem! We have toy mice, feathered balls on a stick, and we even have some automatic toys to keep your pet cheerful during your absence! Need a comb or swing for your bird? A tank for some pet fish or turtles? You name it! We also have a pet salon where our employees can turn an untidy, disheveled, bedraggled animal into a neat, bright, nicely groomed house pet. Your pet will be in the spotlight! additionally, we have a program where you can enter. We can turn a naughty, stubborn, unruly pet into a tame, under-control house pet. Just come to Paws& Protection and watch your pet change! We’re pawsitive.

English Lesson 45

One of my favorite hobbies is reading. It’s a really relaxing hobby. It helps reduce stress and depression. It can also calm you down if you’re excited about anything. :Reading can also strengthen your vocabulary, which is a good thing knowing that you’re doing something fun and that you’re also benefiting from it. I recommend reading to people to melt stress, sooth muscles and brain, and improve vocabulary. Reading is a hobby and habit that will never wear off me.

English Lesson 40


I am going to explain how to make brownies from the powder brownie mix. First of all, we need one pouch of the brownie mix. Before we get to pouring and mixing, we need to preheat the oven to 325 degrees Fahrenheit. Then prepare your pan, that the mix will be poured into, by greasing it with any oil you’d like to use so that the brownies don’t stick to the pan while baking. Pour 1/3 cup of water, 1/3 cup of oil, and one large egg (cracked) in your mixing bowl. Mix the following ingredients thoroughly. Pour in your brownie mix and mix until it is stirred evenly. Now you can pour out the mix onto your greased pan and set it in the oven for 45-50 minutes.When those minutes have passed, make sure that it is baked all the way. You can do this by sticking a toothpick or fork in it. Pull it out and if it is pulled out clean, it should be ready, if it has some of the brownie on it, bake it for a few more minutes. Repeat the process until it comes out clean. Don’t burn yourself when you take it out. You can use a oven mitt or another cloth that will keep the pan from burning you. When that’s done, the delicious treat is ready to eat!

English Lesson 20

When we first moved into our second house I thought I would never like it. The yard had an old broken mule with grass as long as two feet! There wasn’t a fence either. Inside was much worse. There were dead bugs (which I hate bugs), old, dusty furniture, and an old book case. My room had a bed (that I dared not sit on), a lamp, and an empty small square closet. It took a while to adjust to our new house, but soon our house started to seem like home. When we had fully adjusted to our new home everything was completely different. We have a fence and a car port (the old mule was hauled away). Inside we have comfortable couches and new tables, occupied drawers and cabinets, and our own shelves, beds, dressers, and shelves. The order of each room (left to right) start with my dad’s and mom’s room, our laundry “hall”, the kitchen, the living room, the storage room, a bathroom, and, last of all, my room. Now it’s a better house than I expected and I couldn’t ask for a better home.

History Lesson 15

There are many people who have taught me and helped me a lot. One of them is my swimming teacher. He is a very nice and understanding person. He taught me all sorts of swimming styles. Freestyle, backstroke, butterfly, etc. Now I know how to swim. Sometimes his lessons were hard and sometimes they were easy. My swimming teacher always gave me a good demo, so I could learn from them and that was one of the best ways to teach me. Before I met my swimming teacher, I struggled in swimming and I was also very scared to swim in deep water, but he pushed that fear away from me by having me swim in the deep water (twelve feet). The only thing I didn’t like was that I had to change in a small cold bathroom while I was still wet. Thanks to him, I can swim now!